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The Indiana weather changes more often than the Facebook status of that one annoying girl from high school. It can be a grueling battle, attempting to dress for 50 degree weather in the morning but knowing it will reach 75 degrees midday. All I want is some certainty in the weather; I always know that looking at that annoying girl’s social media will make me feel better about my own life, but I do not know if I will get frostbite wearing a dress at 10 a.m. This Fashionista flawlessly does what I cannot; she embraces sudden change by letting the uncertainty in the weather and in life inspire her outfit.

The underside of a longboard is the essence of inspiration for this Fashionista’s ensemble. Of course her outfit lost a few layers through out the day, but the desired look is kept in tact. A day of longboarding meant a day of wearing pants contrasted with a tank top. She keeps the colors of her outfit in the same family as those in her board but deepens the tones for a more wearable look.

There are some people that dress on a day-to-day basis with no motivation other than comfort, but a true Fashionista has a constant source of inspiration. I’m not sure which hallucinogen or cartoon fairytale inspired Tsumori Chisato’s spring 2013 collection, but there is no doubt a story is interwoven in the fabric. Contrastingly, Andrew Gn’s most recent collection is clearly inspired by vintage clothing, specifically images from old Time magazines. As an aspiring clothing designer, this Fashionista is on the right of using outside influences in her daily dressing.

No matter the fickleness in weather you're facing, try to take a note from this Fashionista: live and dress inspired.


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