STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Acting Out and Cutting Up

Style Advice of the Week

That awkward time of year has blessed us with its presence yet again…NOT. It's where the hot and cold meet and have a face off for whose warm heat or freezing chill will dominate the day. All of us Fashionistas and Fashionistos are saying, “Just pick already!” Between the rain, humidity, warm weather, cool weather and any other ailments that this crazy time of year chooses to throw our way, it only gives Fashionistas and Fashionistos a chance to turn up their wardrobe choices and battle this time of year!

A signature staple piece that I have always adored that has seemed to keep the attention of many others, like myself, are tights. Tights have this way of taking a simple outfit from dull to edgy, from plain Jane to sophistication, and so on. This small part of an outfit can be worn under shorts, skirts and dresses just to add a touch of flair and to remind yourself that it is chilly outside. According to Harper’s Baazar, tights are making a comeback. While I love this fact, to me it seems they never went out of style! What other piece of clothing can give you that right amount of warmth and cool? I’ll wait.

This week’s Fashionista has done it and may I add, very well! I spotted this trendy Fashionista wearing her own version of ripped and shredded tights (try D.I.Ying your own pair!) She pairs this urban look with cuffed black high-waist shorts, black knee-high socks, a pair of black combat boots and a tied red plaid shirt to add a pop of color. To imitate her stockings look, check out some YouTube videos on D.I.Y ripped tights. If this is not your style, check out Forever 21 and American Apparel for some affordable, yet chic “weather fighters”! Remember, there's no better way to battle the tacky weather of hot vs. cold than by adding some love to your legs!


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