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As much as I love summer, I am relieved to see the temperatures begin to drop. This is partially because of pumpkin lattes and the excitement of the holidays, but mostly because it signals the season where I get to utilize my favorite fashion trick of all—layering. However, instead of grabbing for your oversized sweater this fall, layer your outfit with a flannel!

Flannel shirts are one of fall’s classic staple pieces. It’s versatility in colors and patterns make it so easy to pair and layer with chunky scarves, jackets and sweaters. The best part about this trend is not only the stylish look, but also the comfort it brings. Seems simple, but this trait is one of the best things that flannel shirts have going for them. We’ve seen how difficult it is to dress well for unpredictable weather on campus, so the flannel shirt could be your fall fashion lifesaver!

Today’s Fashionista shows us just how easy it is to trade in your classic cardigans for a flannel! I spotted her plaid while she made her way through the quad to the library. She keeps it simple with a button-up flannel from Forever 21. The traditional pattern and neutral colors of her flannel make it easier for her to dress it up or down with some layers. She chooses a more casual daytime look by layering her plaids with an olive colored jacket from Urban Outfitters. A go-to jacket for this fall is a must, so take the advice I got from today’s Fashionista and find one that gives you the flexibility to layer with multiple styles and patterns. Letting her flannel continue to do all the work, she pairs it with slouchy maroon denim pants from H&M and Steve Madden combat boots. Pairing flannels with colored jeans and your favorite pair of boots will keep you feeling comfortable during busy days of schoolwork.

One of the latest tips for styling your flannel is to add some studs. It’s a simple D.I.Y that’s not only fun to do, but will make your flannel stand out from the rest. To find a unique flannel with this extra flare, try these red and black or blue and green plaid shirts both from Zara. The rows of studs on both pockets give the traditional flannel some edge that people haven’t seen before. Another creative twist for flannels is the cut out look. Whether it’s an open back like this one from LF or open cut shoulders, such as this one found on Nasty Gal, the cut out style instantly makes flannels look trendy.

So Fashionistas, my advice to you is stock up on some flannels since the weather is much cooler. This trusty item will be just as functional for your busy days as it is on your relaxed days. Better yet, you’ll be able to look cute while staying comfortable.

HINT: Fit some flannels into your personal style by finding some at Urban Outfitters, J.Crew or Madewell. These stores have a variety of flannels, one of which is bound to speak to your style! Or you can save some money and shop second hand. “Thrifting” is a great way to find some of the best flannels out there for cheap!


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