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Burgundy pants and patterned sweaters are pieces that I am finding myself very attracted to when I search for Fashionista/os. First of all, I think burgundy is a great alternative to the typical neutrals like gray, brown and navy.  It’s a color that you see a lot of at holiday parties, but has really evolved into a versatile hue that more college students are wearing. Patterned and graphic sweaters are also quite on trend and extremely popular. They add just the right dose of visual appeal and provide extra warmth on brisk fall days.

Today’s Fashionista is sporting both of these fall trends in one adorable ensemble. Overall, she is wearing a pretty neutral look with the burgundy pants, navy blazer and gray slippers. She breaks it up with the patterned sweater and the details on her shoes. Because of all of the neutral hues in her look, the patterned sweater doesn’t take over the look. If you are someone who likes an entirely neutral look but wants to find a way to incorporate some pattern, take after this Fashionista. If the patterned piece shares some similar colors with the neutrals in your look, then it won’t be as overwhelming.

Try pairing a sweater like this one from Madewell with a pair of burgundy pants and a neutral cream blazer. You’ll have great pops of color, but they will be balanced out by your solid neutrals. For a fun addition to this kind of look, you could add a pair of studded loafers.

When it comes to wearing trendy colors, clothes or accessories, make sure you mix them up with staple pieces or even old trends.  Even though the brocade pattern is popular now, you might not want to wear it in an entire outfit. So take a trend like burgundy or patterned sweaters and make it your own. Whether that means pairing the trending piece with a classic blazer or mixing it up with vintage pieces, make sure you maintain your personal style and don't go too overboard on the latest fad.


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