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It’s the beginning of a new year, meaning new trends, styles and advice. This new year why not start it off with a bold statement? Break out of that matchy-matchy phase and don’t be afraid to pair your boldest prints together. This Fashionista, sophomore Eurah Lee says, “I love crazy prints. Anything that looks out of the ordinary or even like it was a curtain cut and sewn from your grandmother’s cat groomer’s living room, I’ll take it and I’ll wear it, even leggings with ridiculous prints or even button-ups and sweaters. If it looks odd, it’ll probably be in my closet along with its uncles and cousins.”

Not sure how to accomplish this look the right way? First edit your color palette down to three colors, like this Fashionista has done with black, white and orange. Next, edit the scale of your patterns. Two large bold patterns will just clash. Try making one pattern a very large bold statement with the next pattern more smaller and subtle so that they aren’t competing with each other. Tip: “If you can squint your eyes and still see the difference between the two patterns then they are different enough. If you can’t then they are too similar.”

Afterwards limit the amount of patterns from two to three so its not an overload of patterns. You can add a solid or an article of clothing with texture, like furs or leathers, or as this Fashionista tried, denim. Finally, just make sure you evenly distribute the patterns within the outfit, so they aren’t all clumped on the top or bottom half of your body. It makes the outfit flow a lot better instead of it looking a hot mess.


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