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As much as it seems that the weather is always perfect in SoCal, there are a few days in the winter months that are dreary, cloudy and rainy. On these days, picking an outfit is like fighting a battle. You want to look chic, yet you don’t want to freeze to death. Chillier days do not need to be dreaded. Instead of grabbing an old sweatshirt sitting in the back of your closet, combat the cold by wearing a military jacket.

This Fashionista used her military jacket to add a final layering component to her cozy yet chic outfit. She paired her gray military jacket with a thick black sweater, white skinny jeans and brown lace-up boots. She then topped off the outfit with an Aztec patterned headwrap. The gray military jacket, black sweater and white skinny jeans are all neutral colors, but the blue and red headwrap adds a nice pop of color to the outfit. Her military jacket is what coordinates these neutral colors together and brings the outfit together.

Military jackets are a practical and easy item to incorporate into your wardrobe. To reproduce this Fashionista’s outfit, the first step is to find the military jacket for you. There are some military jackets which are the traditional green color and boxy cut. These are wonderful for layering because cardigans, and many other layers can be worn underneath. However, there are also many other styles of military jackets which are more modern and sleek than the traditional style. Banana Republic offers a more modernized approach to the military jacket, and Urban Outfitters carries the traditional style of this trend. Other items which are needed to recreate this Fashionista’s outfit include a chunky knitted sweater and a funky headwrap. Forever 21 offers a variety of chunky knitted sweaters and World Market carries headwraps, which will add a pop of sass to the outfit.

With a military jacket the cloudy days of winter do not need to be feared any longer. There will be no more days of being forced to wear a baggy sweatshirt because of the cold. When paired with other layers, military jackets can make cold weather bearable. Whether you pair a military jacket with neutral colors as this Fashionsita did, or pair it with a dress and tights, the outfit options are endless. Military jackets are functional, and provide the best way to fight the cold weather in a chic way.


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