STYLE GURU STYLE: Undone Elegance

It’s no secret that I like my clothes on the looser side. Often my entire outfit is made up completely of draping, non-formfitting clothing that hangs off of my body in just the right way to ensure that there are no curves in sight. However, drapy, loose clothing is not always the most flattering; in fact, it typically ends up adding a few unnecessary pounds and often resembles something more along the lines of a set of curtains than a really cute outfit.

In an effort to solve this problem, I sought inspiration in a master of style, whose spring 2014 collection was everything I love: Jason Wu. Wu’s collection was the epitome of effortless. His collection was a contrast of slouchy silhouettes against plunging necklines and strategic draping, giving barely a suggestion of sexy that made the clothing even more sensual in its modesty. The show, though relatively simple and uncomplicated, did have a few recurring details weaved in that added a layer of sophistication. Paired with loose, unstructured pieces were tailored blazers and vests, giving some edge and refinement to an otherwise soft collection. Wu also incorporated a small amount of lace and glitter, providing a much needed sense of fun and femininity to the quiet, neutral clothing.

In order to make this elegantly undone look my own, I decided to stick to basics. I chose a soft brown tunic, with a low neckline and pleats draping beautifully across the front. To bring in the feminine aspect of Wu’s spring collection, I paired the tunic with a straight black skirt with lace along the edge, peeking out just enough to be seen and give the outfit an element of glamour. For my shoes and handbag, I chose simple and black, keeping with Wu’s unfussy aesthetic. To finish the look, I added a pair of plain black sunglasses — because nothing says effortless like a classic pair of Ray-Bans.

Wearing slouchy clothing can be daunting, but Jason Wu’s spring 2014 collection is the perfect example of unstructured done right. If you find yourself gravitating toward draped clothing and a more casual, undone look, take some notes from Wu’s show. By mixing both loose and refined pieces, you can master the effortless cool that Wu so flawlessly illustrated. Add in some basic accessories and show off a little bit of skin, and you too can master the art of undone elegance.

Get My Look: 1. An elegant tunic. 2. A simple, lacy skirt. 3. Basic flats. 4. The perfect pair of sunglasses.

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