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Every artist knows that the most crucial part of the creative process is choosing some sort of inspiration for your work—a muse if you will. In fashion, this is a person serving as the driving force of your work, and the reasoning behind every carefully placed stitch and seam. For Tome designers, it’s a “formidable woman.” Powerful, intimidating and even threatening, this woman can roughly be defined as someone you don’t want to mess with.

In Tome’s spring 2014 ready-to-wear line, this frightfully intimidating woman was emphasized through the use of creamy tones, soft pleats and lightweight fabrics. Now, this might not be the color and fabric combination you would relate to the word formidable. However, all of the looks come together to create a line that is exactly what the designers wanted—something that felt real.

Now, I can really only blame my hardcore Disney upbringing for what my mind immediately jumped to after reading this line’s description. With the monochromatic themes, casually perfect pleating and focus on feeling “real,” I couldn’t help but think of The Little Mermaid. In fact, one dress in particular is described as looking like handfuls of fabrics thrown together into soft pleats. Any true Disney fan can tell you what a perfect description that is of the first dress Ariel wears when she finally walks on land.

Though Ariel’s dress was thrown together using an old sail, the dress I chose to mimic Tome’s look still utilizes this effortless pleating and drapery. Continuing with the monochromatic trend, I layered my white dress with a cream oversized cardigan and finished it off with my favorite pair of white flatforms. Wearing an all-white ensemble will definitely leave you with that powerful feeling described by Tome’s runway muse. However, if you’re looking to add some color—try using your hair as an accessory. Nothing says formidable woman like an Ursula-inspired color pop of lavender.

While it’s easy to feel like Ariel giving the world of runway fashion a longing gaze, it’s not as hard as you think to be a part of that world. Look on the bright side, at least we don’t have King Triton around to try and stop us.

Get My Look: 1. Either a white dress or jumpsuit to wear as the base of your outfit. 2. A white or cream layering piece. 3. White kicks. 4. A new hair color to be your outfit’s main accessory.


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