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Marc by Marc Jacobs always has an upper-hand at keeping a young appeal of sparkle and shine to his looks. He can turn any material of lurex, or satin metallic into a chic runway look that is appealing to all ages…and possibly genders? Specifically, in his spring 2014 ready-to-wear lookbook, boys and girls are spotted wearing the same suits, even the same shoes! But are they really the same? Attention to detail of these androgynous items is the determining factor of which has the psychological difference of Fashionistos and Fashionistas. Androgynous outfits are in the spotlight right now. Make your fashion choices (now we can all wear a suit) into an attitude choice as well. Women’s rights, yes!

Do you feel daring enough to wear something that was inspired by the opposite gender today? Since fashion always has its underlying meanings, you may be doing so without even noticing. Like something the book or movie The Devil Wears Prada would say: you didn’t choose what you wore today, an artist picked it out for you before it even hit the shelves (and that’s why fashion is fabulous!). In order to translate this runway look into everyday wear (and how I did so for my personal style), you don’t need to copy the look for what each item is, but more for what it represents. Perhaps you may focus on a more masculine print or an alternative usage for a male accessory. For example, I used a bow tie necklace to create a softer and sweeter element, opposed to an actual bow tie. While looking at masculine details to mimic, also look at feminine pieces to add. See how I paired two structured pieces, both striped (but different sizes and directions). Marc Jacobs makes a point to add everyday wear to the what-my-clothes-have-to-offer-you list. This makes it easy to rock his look everyday, hence the overlay of sequins over my top – and with sequins to boot. Lastly, remember to be confident! Don’t be afraid to wear white sneakers with something that isn’t considered athletic. Besides, it adds the ready-to-wear effect, as well a simplicity that makes people wonder how you make simple look so unique.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of white Keds. 2. A structured top with sparkle. 3. A bow tie necklace.


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