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While contemplating Antonio Marras’ resort 2015 runway, I realized that the collection was all about movement. You can see how in every picture the models have an interpretative pose relating to flow and exercise. Moreover, the garments play with the model’s bodies to create strong silhouettes. And that is when I realized that Antonio Marras was actually all in for structures. I love when a piece of clothing does not shape your body, but it gives it another shape all together. For this look, I was inspired by Marras’ juxtaposition of structured dresses and light textured coats.

Light coats work perfectly for summer attire. It gives a kick of elegance to those summer nights by the pier or a girl’s day out walking around the city. I also love the textured fabric that Marras used for a lot of his dresses and outerwear. And if that wasn’t enough, he added bold prints to the textured fabric.

In my outfit, I tried to mimic the skater dress that, {Bonus points!} has a flowery textured to it just like Marras’. For the light coat, I chose to wear a jacket with an eye-catching print and textured fabric. Throughout Marras’ lookbook some kickass chunky flatforms. So I decided to give it a try and put together my girly tops with my bad gal shoes.

As for putting together a super chic outfit for this season, combine prints and fabrics to give volume to an outfit. Sometimes summery items tend to be really flat because they’re trying to keep you fresh. All in all, don’t sacrifice structured textures for the fear of melting under the sun!

Get my look: 1. A skater dress. 2. A textured light coat. 3. Cool flatforms.


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