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For spring and summer 2014, the Max Mara runway show gave us a fashion flashback trend: the subtle slip dress. I immediately envisioned Carrie Bradshaw in one (and myself of course). There were so many great pieces in the show, but the loose, off-the-body slip dresses grabbed my attention. Most of the models wore neutral dresses paired with beautiful coats. Others were in vibrant monochrome colors with matching clutches, stockings and handbags. I even saw a couple of slip tops. When most people think of a “slip,” they think of it as lingerie. However, Max Mara and other top designers are giving this old-fashioned term a new meaning (again). I believe that new meaning is: wear it. Anywhere.

The long slip dresses were definitely cute, but today I decided to switch it up and wear a short one in pink layered chiffon with lace straps. I know I’ll be comfortable in this Texas heat. That also means I’ll probably freeze inside of any place I go. Good thing black leather jackets are a must-have during any season. This outfit is a perfect day-to-night look. There’s only one thing to swap out: my shoes. Today I’m wearing my jelly sandals with a heel. They’re also a fashion flashback, too, by the way. I’ll keep my pair of strappy heels in my trunk just in case I need a girls’ night out.

My personal style is fun and sometimes daring, so how could I pass up the slip dress trend? I see myself wearing these dresses in every season, too. Next, I’ll try the longer dress with coats of matching lengths. Then I’ll switch it back up with the shorter dresses and over-the-knee boats. Is wearing “lingerie” as an everyday look risky? You bet, but we all know rules were meant to be broken. Even in fashion.

Get My Look: 1. A simple, sweet and maybe even sultry slip dress. 2. The perfect, all-purpose black leather biker jacket. 3. Jelly sandals you wore as a kid Fashionista, but with a heel!


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