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This week, I pulled my outfit inspiration from Marques’Almeida‘s shaggy denim fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection. Originally, I was drawn to the denim on denim trend that I am very much a part of. Soon I began to notice designers Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida taking the trend to a different level. As the first few models walked and teased with denim on denim, in comes brightly colored dyed fur, silky night gowns and pajama sets. Yes, all of that. I didn’t have time to get confused about what was going on because I was starting to see a basic color wheel. Solid primary colors were in most of the collection (there was hot pink and orange here and there, too).

Primary colors, red, yellow and blue, are the basics. They are the only colors that cannot be created but when mixed together, can create a whole new assortment of beautiful colors. With this outfit, I decided to nip and tuck this collection a bit to turn it into the perfect interview outfit or business professional look. I work in a creative field, which gives me so much more freedom to be a Fashionista! When I put my look together, I couldn’t leave out the denim from Marques and Almeida’s line or keep the red and yellow separate. I also feel that this look wouldn’t be the same if I had switched the colors around. I also love its simplicity like Marques’Almeida’s line. The bold colors were right where they needed to be.

When coming up with the perfect outfit of color, knowing which look best together are the basics in Fashionista 101. Having a color wheel handy or just knowing the different color harmonies are a plus! Color schemes are great for “matching” mixed prints. It can tame clashing prints and turn them into chic sets. Check out this website for an introduction to the Color Theory!

Get My Look: 1. A bright, bold yellow skirt 2. A large candy red tote 3. Hologram/metallic strappy heels.


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