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I came across this internship-chic outfit from the Jenni Kayne runway show, and I had to share it with you. It got me thinking, and I realized how huge patterns are this summer. They have become a huge trend! I’ve seen a lot of Fashionistas/os rocking the fruit or food patterns lately, and I know we all have a leopard, cheetah or zebra print something in our closet. There are other patterns, however, that we can add to our wardrobe palette and are great for the summer time. Therefore, I declare this week—pattern and print week!

I was originally attracted to the Jenni Kayne outfit because she chose a short sleeve button-down for this outfit. I believe short sleeve button-downs are overlooked, and they add so much seasoning to an outfit. I love the way short sleeve button-downs spice up an ordinary outfit. The second thing that attracted me was the statement piece of the ensemble; the patterned bottoms. Just like the short sleeve button-down, patterns have a way of adding character, and can even become a conversation starter!

Everyone who knows me knows I always migrate towards black, white and gray shades of clothing, mainly because they match with every season, accessory, hair style and mood. However, this Jenni Kayne outfit inspiration encouraged me to embrace the summer season and my youth. If you’re going to commit to a crazy pattern and bright colors—go for it. My only advice to you, is to pair it with a solid top so it doesn’t get too overwhelming.

I know many of you Fashionistas/os have a denim or blue button-down as opposed to the short sleeve button-down so I styled my chambray J.Crew top with one of my favorite pair of J.Crew pants called: Minnie pants. I purchased these Minnies around the winter holidays so they are currently off the shelves. Mine are clearly not the same as Jenni Kayne’s, but don’t be afraid to substitute your favorite pair of patterned bottoms into the equation. After all that is complete, accessorize with neutral colors to keep the focus and attention on the patterns.

Get My Look: 1. Chambray button-down. 2. Patterned statement bottoms. 3. Tote.


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