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Even though sporting actual color genuinely makes me nervous and adds an inevitable 20 minutes of internal struggle to my day, I can’t say I don’t appreciate it. The spring 2014 Burberry Prorsum show was one of those times I couldn’t deny the charm of some soft, romantic dream colors. Backstage, Christopher Bailey explained that the goal was to create a “gentle and kind… English rose” mood, which he definitely achieved with the help of lace, fluff and the perfect shades of sky blue, periwinkle, lilac, sea foam green and the one I decided to take on: blush pink.

For my bit of “risky” color, I opted for a muted, blush pink; which really doesn’t stray that far from my typically neutral palette. In fact, when you squint, it almost looks like a sandy, rosy brown. I really love this color in general, and I think it’s a very pretty, understated feminine touch to my usual all-black ensemble. This also goes for any pastel; less is more for me in this sense, so a muted color is definitely a cool plus. With its high necks, collars and pencil skirts, this collection celebrates a more womanly rather than girly take on pastels, which is what I think drew me to it.

For years, my preference for a little bit of contrast has prevailed, which is why I chose such a casual T-shirt style in this color paired with a black midi skirt knotted at the bottom (two skirts in one) and my black, flat Chelsea boots. Compared to this ensemble there’s quite a party on my hands, as I consider my nails a useful accessory for incorporating a pop of color, and I never take off my gold and silver jewelry.

This show reminded me that color isn’t a one way road and you shouldn’t be afraid of it. In fact, it’s kind of fun to switch things up and try to mold a trend to your personal style. That’s what I did here, no regrets either because I’m going to live in this T-shirt. If you’re prone to black, find just one new muted piece to incorporate into an outfit for a fresh, updated look you didn’t know you wanted.

Get My Look: 1. A simple T-shirt in any muted pastel color. 2. A black midi skirt. 3. Comfy black Chelsea boots you’ll probably wear for the rest of your life.

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