Crop tops, sheer material, short shorts, etc. All of these pieces can easily be the cause of a fashion train wreck if they are not styled properly. In a world where such pieces are becoming more and more popular it can be easy to lose sight of how revealing (and quite frankly, inappropriate) these items can be in certain situations or certain outfits in general. Milly’s resort 2015 collection sets a perfect example of how to pull off these trends and tastefully show off a little skin this summer.

If you’re really looking to rock the crop top look but are hesitant about showing too much skin, a maxi skirt, preferably a high-waisted one, is the solution for you. Pairing a crop top with a maxi skirt rather than a normal length top also solves the issue of awkward fabric bunching (which happens to be one of my biggest pet peeves). Crop tops with anything high-waisted are always a safe bet because the higher hem of the bottoms covers most of the skin that a crop top would otherwise be exposing; not to mention that this look is flattering on most body types as it draws attention to the waist, the smallest part of a woman’s body.

Maxis are cute, comfortable and can be either totally casual or even formal depending on the skirt that you choose and how you decide to style it. In my opinion, maxis are one of the easiest fashion risks to take. While they are becoming increasingly popular, they are still a clear statement because of their long length, bright colors and vat varieties. My maxi collection consists of traditional maxi skirts and dresses, pieces with mesh panels, chiffon overlays and most recently, leg slits. This floral maxi that I found at PacSun (for free might I add, thank you buy one get two free sale), is not only high-waisted, but also has slits spaced equally around the circumference of the skirt. The slits make this a fun take on a traditional maxi skirt that’s even more perfect for a hot summer day.

Get My Look: 1. A basic, fitted, cropped T-shirt that will go with absolutely anything — black, white and gray are total wardrobe staples. 2. A unique maxi skirt with something fun like slits or pleats. 3. A dark colored lip stain that will last you all day. Purple is a super fun color to try and more practical than you might think!

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