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The most stressful part of outfit planning is figuring out how everything is going to match. You might have the perfect top and a brand new pair of shorts that you’ve been dying to wear, but, annoyingly enough, they just don’t seem to look right together. Instead of stopping every time you can’t crack the matching code, why not simply add one more unusual piece? Thus a fashion mismatch-sterpiece is born!

While Creatures of Comfort designer Jade Lai might have been inspired by the board game Clue for the fall 2014 ready-to-wear line, there’s no mystery behind the fashion motive. This line is filled with modern takes on vintage designs, as well as layered looks based on bold pattern mixing. Essentially, this is the ideal combination for what my closet has to offer.

The use of flannel pieces throughout this line was the first thing that caught my eye. Though I’ve never worn it on top and bottom, the use of flannel is a major staple in my wardrobe. Whether it’s covering my shoulders or simply knotted at my waist, you can guarantee that my favorite button-down usually makes it into my daily attire.

To replicate the multi-pattern trend while also sticking with “vintage-inspired” theme of the line, I chose to partner my flannel top with the comfiest pair of high-waisted shorts I own. They are straight from my step-mom’s closet and, most likely, a very hip ’80s Gap catalog. The elastic waistband, longer hem and subtle pattern complement my button-down with ease. Because the pattern in the shorts isn’t loud or overbearing, they coordinate with the opposing design in the top rather than clashing!

My final decision was to throw on a predominantly white graphic crop top, white sandals with a slight heel and a Half United bullet casing necklace. Rounding the outfit off with solid pieces helps bring attention to the white floral detailing in the shorts and completes the multi-patterned look without becoming tacky.

Before opting out of an outfit you feel might not match entirely, consider creating a one of a kind look nobody would expect!

Get My Look: 1. Pick two patterns that you want to try mixing together. 2. Find one neutral outfit element you know will match both of your chosen patterns. 3. Piece your outfit together and confidently strut your mismatching attire!


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