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Recently, Tomas Maier’s newest designs have become one my favorites. This collection includes classic silhouettes, clean tailoring and earth colored accents like warm leather. His execution of his line is lastingly elegant in its relaxed simplicity. This effortless grace is an aspect of fashion that I have always wanted to capture in my own style. Maier was quoted, explaining his point of view on his designs, “I like the challenge. I like proving to the industry that maybe we could do something different.”

This look specifically spoke to me. Maier’s model is wearing a relaxed fit neutral shirt dress with leather gladiator sandals and a chestnut leather satchel. To me, this look communicated an adventurous but stylish summer spirit which I could relate to. However, the overwhelming amount of neutral colors is not a trend I regularly follow, and I decided to take the chance! I paired my neutral, banded-waist dress with a textured leather handbag and similar sandals to those used in the runway look. I also included my own adaptations on the ensemble through my jewelry. My spiral winged earrings are wood-carved which I feel is in line with the raw, natural aesthetic that Maier captures through his collection. As for my personal perspective, I love the trend of including a bold piece of color which is why I could not resist including my blue medallion necklace. The multiple layers of blue with accents of gold is one of my very summer color combinations.

Get My Look: 1. Safari Shirt Dress 2. Gladiators 3. Reversible Vegan Leather Tote.


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