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Although denim habitually reminds us of our childhood in the ‘90s when Nick Carter was rocking his frosted blonde hair and the Tanners were making their TV debut on Full House, denim rocked the runway in the Barbara Bui spring 2014 ready-to-wear runway show. Ironically, the ‘90s and denim have been on my mind more than ever because I recently attended a Backstreet boys concert. I’m pretty sure I relieved my childhood, screamed and sung every second of it. Rest in peace to my voice, and my childhood dreams to date Nick Carter. However, denim is like a boomerang; it gets thrown out and comes back trendier than ever, every time. I 100 percent support the quote “Trends are better the second time around.” In this case, trends are better the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth time around. With that being said, I am so inspired by the versatility of denim. Think about it, denim comes in all shapes, sizes, washes and forms. Barbara Bui solidifies this in her 2014 spring runway show. She transformed basic denim into timeless versatile pieces by shearing, sculpting, fraying and embroidering. Likewise, she showcased denim shorts, denim blazers, denim shirts, denim dresses, etc. Her amazing denim designs had me in lust with denim by the end of the show. It inspired me to go on a hunt to find a classic spunky denim piece. I wanted something that was versatile and something that was more than just a basic denim piece you could find in any store.  After countless hours searching on my lunch break for the perfect Barbara Bui denim piece, the fashion heavens shined their light on a motorcycle inspired denim jacket from Gap. It was originally 90 dollars and I purchased it for 20 dollars…if that is not destiny, I do not know what is.

So today I went for it. I of course, put on my new spiffy denim jacket that I could hardly wait to wear. Someone might actually have to peal this off me because I am so in love with it and never want to take it off. Underneath my denim jacket is a three tiered nude floral tank. I really love wearing tanks especially if they are longer because then I can slip on a pair of comfortable leggings and call it a day. That is exactly what I did here. In my book, leggings are essential to life. They are comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. And how spicy are my pair of red-hot leggings? The red in the floral print reflected the red off the leggings. Combined, they made a killer pair. As for my feet, I love flats and I love a good flat that has some spirit and embellishment to them.

This spring 2014 show inspired me to pick out spunky denim that is versatile. Bui’s denim had a certain kind of spunk to it. That spunk was inspiring to me. Her denim went to infinity and beyond in all aspects. Alongside that, it went with anything and everything. Thus, a denim jacket was the perfect answer for me. It can go with just about any color and any outfit. I tend to stick to a denim button-up shirt for a cover-up with outfits, so finding a motorcycle inspired denim jacket was enough to make me want to cry tears of joy, four times. So cute and so spunky. I am going to incorporate more spunky denim into my wardrobe in the future and hopefully get more great shopping steals!

Get My Look: 1. A killer denim jacket. 2. A cute floral tank. 3. A red-hot pair of leggings.


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