STYLE GURU STYLE: Couture Runway To Midi Ballet

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Even if I don’t have time to sit down and watch all of the popular awards shows, you can guarantee that when it’s time for the red carpet style coverage these eyes will be glued to the TV. Celebrities in lavish designer gowns effortlessly float down the red carpet, and hubbub quickly generates on who will receive the coveted title of “best dressed.” While many designers nowadays strive for shocking necklines and outlandish color combinations, Elie Saab knows that classic waistlines and feminine beauty are key to remaining center stage.

Now, if I’ve learned anything from red carpet affairs, it’s that all of the outfits are to die for, but nearly impossible to translate into your everyday wardrobe. Even if wearing a couture gown was normal campus attire, there are very few people who could even afford such a thing! However, any college student can tell you that window shopping is free, and there’s nothing better than simply drawing fashion inspiration from the ones who create the trends.

Elie Saab’s spring 2014 couture collection sticks with the theme of empire waists, volume and classic art. By choosing a midi length ballet skirt with a beautiful scenic print, this outfit becomes much more appropriate for daytime wear; while keeping the feminine air that a floor-legnth Saab gown provides. Not to mention, you immediately feel like you’ve stepped off the set of Sex and the City.

Continuing the transformation, I added a rich green T-shirt and knotted it into a crop top. This highlights the skirt’s waistline, while showing off the perfect amount of tummy. Since most of my outfits tend to stay on the edgy side, I threw on my pleather-sleeved biker jacket and finished it all off with matching black sandals. This makes the outfit a lot more streetwear and a lot less formal affair, while still tying in colors from the rest of the spring line.

During the next televised awards show, instead of spending your time dreaming of the celebrity lifestyle you wish you had—choose your favorite trend, dress it down and make it your own! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to rock couture trends with things you already have in your closet.

Get My Look: 1. An empire waisted, ballet skirt. 2. A T-shirt that you feel comfortable knotting into a crop top. 3. An edgy layering piece to coordinate with your shoes and complete the look.


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