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Relaxing is an activity that’s meant to be enjoyed, yet something that I just can’t put my finger on. Although the sound of the ocean waves are supposed to be calming, they only remind me of that juice cleanse I pinned and swore I’d do before bathing suit season. While sporting two pieces and tanning is not the most relaxing idea to me, the loose fitting clothes, floppy sun hats and sandals that come with it might inspire me to unwind.

Designer Jade Lai of Creatures of Comfort had the right idea when she sent models down the runway in sophisticated but comfortable pieces that were inspired by women in the ‘60s who vacationed at tropical resorts and cabanas. Although I’m not a woman in the ‘60s or currently on an international getaway, I can still translate the trendy denim-on-denim, flowy silhouettes, collared shirts and socks with sandals into my everyday looks.

If you don’t live at the beach or ever plan to, take aspects of this runway show and give them a city spin. I translated some of my favorite chambray outfits from the collection into a casual ensemble that I could wear to work. As a firm believer in the power of chambray and everything it can help you achieve, I can admit that I own more than one of these denim button-downs. To emulate a somewhat relaxed feeling into my look, I opted for one of my looser fitting options and paired it with a light denim skirt. Attempting to maintain a casual silhouette, I kept both pieces less restrictive. Even if I can’t take a chill pill, at least my clothes can.

I continued my look with a childhood classic — bright socks that very obviously stuck out of my tennis shoes. Although I don’t typically think of socks with sandals as vacation essentials, Lai would never make me second-guess the pairing because of the unexpected twist they gave each look. So whether you love sun bathing on your porch, taking weekend trips to the nearest beach or blowing off steam with a good book, let your clothes get some much needed down time, too.

Get My Look: 1. A chambray button-down. 2. A pair of denim shorts or skirt. 3. Bright socks that will cheerfully stick out of a pair of sandals or heels.


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