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Who doesn’t love when sleek and casual come together to make the perfect harmony? I personally can’t get enough of structured menswear inspired with a few cool and current twists to keep things exciting. I’m always down to implement this style in new ways, and the Emporio Armani spring 2014 collection was just the inspiration I needed.

The designer himself calls it “water lilies,” and while the collection is feminine and earthy, he doesn’t entirely dismiss his beloved tailored boy-girl ways. He does this with the use of some collared shirts, sharp white jackets, monochrome pantsuits and various culottes.

I put my own casual, black twist on these misty-colored looks, and picked some of my favorite parts to highlight with my own pieces. My favorite and most relatable elements were the boyish styles incorporating collared shirts and the latest redefining of business casual—culottes. For some reason, culottes were hardly a difficult buy for me, and I’ve been wearing them different ways for every occasion. While a tank top with a sweetheart neckline or loose T-shirt are some of my typical picks, this time I decided to play on that business casual look. I kept things a tinge more on the casual side, however, since I opted for black Birkenstocks and an elephant print collared shirt. I finished everything off with my favorite gold accents, a top bun and a pink lip.

I love hints of menswear, and since I’ve already filled my closet with loafers and trousers—why not add some culottes into the mix? Whether you decide to go with an oversized blazer or oxfords, this collection shows that you can take what is a seemingly specific style and make it your own through styling, color, texture and just wearing what you like!

Get My Look: 1. Find a simple pair of culottes. 2. Pair those with a cool collared shirt that contrasts a bit with their minimal, structured look. 3. Throw in the cherries on top: some jewelry and your favorite casual pair of sandals or sneakers.


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