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A perk of working in the retail industry is the constant talk of fashion and trends of the season. Recently, a customer was talking to me about some hot items she scored on the shopping website Polyvore. One of the designers this customer had luck with was one who I had never really heard of before, Jasmin Shokrian. Naturally, after work I found myself once again on looking into Jasmin Shokrian’s collections and was drawn to her spring 2014 ready-to-wear collection. My initial attraction to her collection was the T-shirt that read “Je pars habiter a Los Angeles” which in English is translated to, “I am going to live in Los Angeles.” Being a California girl myself, how could I not be drawn to Jasmin Shokrian’s spring collection? I feel that her spring collection is illustrating the typical allure of the Southern California lifestyle, typically Los Angeles, known for the “carefree lifestyle.”

My challenge this week was sticking to the foundation of Skorian’s chill vibes of Los Angeles. Since I am a San Diego girl, I figured I would try my own twist on the California style. Yes, my look is drastically different from her collection, but it still maintains the vibe of the “carefree life” that both the City of Angels and San Diego has to offer. Cut-off shorts will be your best friend in SoCal, so I used my favorite pair as my “base” item and tried to build onto it. A crisp white T-shirt made for the perfect top because the shorts were colored and I could easily accessorize with a long necklace. Lastly, my floral headband–the item that I personally feel really illustrates the laid-back lifestyle of Los Angles and San Diego. It was almost as if it was my own personal touch on my outfit.

When it came to picking the outfit, Jasmin Shkorian’s collection was more dressy but did have more casual pieces mixed in to fully encompass the LA lifestyle. I wanted to work with that but to also take it to the next step by making it a little more personal to me and exemplifying the San Diego style as well. My linen T-shirt and draped gold necklace make the outfit slightly more dressy compared to a normal T-shirt with no accessory. This was the “LA” component of my outfit, simple and cute. My cutoff shorts and flower headband was definitely the San Deign coming out, it made the outfit casual, cute and beach-ready! In my personal opinion, its an outfit that you can wear throughout the entire day but also into the early evening.

Get my look: 1. Cutoff denim shorts. 2. Crisp white T-shirt. 3. Flower headband.


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