STYLE GURU BIO: Virginia Dorn

Style Guru Bio

Fashion, for me, hasn’t been this ever present being in my life as it has for some other fashion interested people. Growing up on a farm, I was much more interested in going on adventures, hiking, riding my bike and anything else outdoors. I cringe at the overalls and matching T-shirt and shorts combos handed down twice to get to me that are evidenced in old pictures. I’m not sure when fashion and style became such an enormous part of my life. Around junior year of high school I began really taking it seriously when I found fashion blogs. I was shocked and intrigued how people could be made so confident by clothing as well as be transformed by them.

Let’s fast forward to today. I’m a transfer student at WIU in my junior year, studying fashion merchandising. After realizing that doing something fashion-related was probably the only thing that would hold my interest for years to come, as fashion is ever-changing and constantly reinventing itself, I decided to pursue the dream. My personal style could be described as trendy with a touch of old lady. I enjoy delving into all the fashion categories-grunge, preppy, girly, etc. That’s what I love about fashion, you can be whoever you want just by putting on an outfit.  I’m from Rockford, Illinois which has been ranked on lists like “America’s Top 20 Most Miserable Cities” (number 14) and “The Most Dangerous Cities in America” (number 9). With this track record, you can imagine I’m ready to get my degree and move elsewhere. In the meantime, though, I enjoy listening to music, going to live shows when it’s in my budget, frequenting thrift stores to find hidden gems, lurking fashion websites and blogs and watching seasons of TV series on Netflix, especially The Office.

I never thought I would have an opportunity to write for an amazing blog like CollegeFashionista. As someone who has told themselves they would start their own fashion blog for years, I am excited to get a taste for blogging and hunting for street style on my campus. I will be your connection for Thursday’s column: What to Wear. Here’s to a great semester!



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