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I am Tomoko Takeda and I am beyond thrilled to say that I will be continuing my internship with CollegeFashionista. For those who are not familiar with my weekly posts, I had an amazing opportunity cataloging the fellow Fashionista/o Spotlights around campus this past quarter. This term I will be writing for the WHAT TO WEAR section where I will find the perfect outfit for every occasion.

Who would have expected that ten-year-old girl, wearing hand-me-down T-shirts from her brother, to develop such an interest in fashion. Its almost embarrassing remembering how I cried every time my mother forced me in a dress. Now, I’d be lucky if my mother bought me any article of clothing. While she sees my ever-growing closet as a cancer, I see it as a work of art.

The term “fashion” has developed a negative connotation — materialism and lust — in modern times. However, I believe that fashion is much more than how some may talk of it as being frivolous. Fashion is self-expression. And, in self-expression lies art. The beauty of fashion lies in the simple fact that it molds to each individual’s personality and desire. It represents the future, as we clothe our bodies with how we want to be perceived by every person we encounter. I am constantly ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the various styles I see — and people watching is just my favorite pastime activity whenever I find myself alone.

When it comes to my own clothes, I often jump from style to style, which can vary from my own take on classy feminine to a comfortable look in a pair of sweats and a flannel. However, as much as I enjoy experimenting with new patterns, colors and shapes, I’ve recently realized the beauty in simplicity. I think this is a motto that many of us often forget to embrace. With new trends emerging every moment, the desire to experiment with these trends is definitely enjoyable but can sometimes get overwhelming. It is never a mistake to stick to your closet staples, while incorporating one trending piece.

However, I’m not afraid to admit that patterns do catch my eye. When shopping, I always get caught in the aisles where floral patterns, stripes, polka dots and intricate laces combine. Whenever I walk into a sale at Anthropologie I feel weak at the knees and always wind up walking into the dressing room with my hands full of items. It’s just a love/hate relationship when it comes to shopping.

Fashionistas/os, I wish upon you all unique vintage things, sparkly, lacey, budget-friendly and even classy in a Kate Middleton way with a few bold accents sparkled in. Welcome aboard my journey as a Style Guru for this upcoming spring!



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