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“Throw Down for Your Home Town.” This was one of the many themes that students at High Point came up with for a party. It called on students to dress up in something that represented their town. Students from Boston brought out their Red Sox gear, while people from Jersey poked fun at a stereotype of their own state, playing off the Jersey Shore reality show. Of course, there were all the southerners who reached for their cowboy boots and flannel. The funny part of this theme was that no matter where people were from, they thought they had to come up with some extreme outfit, when in reality, the way they dress normally reflects where we come from even if we don’t realize it. To some southerners, making black the primary color in a closet like some New Yorkers do seems wrong. On the other hand, there are some girls that wouldn’t be caught dead in Lilly Pulitzer. No matter where you go to school, you will always be bringing some of your hometown style with you.

I’m Summer Stevens, a sophomore Journalism major at High Point University in North Carolina. Though I like to call High Point my home away from home, my true roots will always be found in Louisville, Kentucky, a place that’s known for it’s chicken, it’s basketball and of course, it’s horses. When people think of Kentucky style, many picture people decked out in Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Vineyard Vines, but in all honesty, Louisville often takes a more casual approach. We love our jean shorts, oversized T-shirts and Jack Rogers, and we are capable of making some combination of those that fits most occasions.

In all honesty, a lot of people from Louisville have a very similar taste in style, which results in several people also getting that top you found at the store that you thought no one else would have. Personally, I have a weakness for those one of a kind finds whether they are stereotypically southern, urban or vintage. Normally, you will find me in Nike running shorts and a tank top, in something from my sorority or dressed to impress. During my second term with CollegeFashionista, I’m going to put a unique spin on Louisville style and find events, designers, and boutiques that will add a little something to your style that will become anything but mainstream through my column, AROUND TOWN. So, Fashionistas/os, prepare yourselves for a new look at southern style.


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