STYLE GURU BIO: Sierra Cortner

Style Guru Bio

Hello, dear readers!  My name is Sierra Cortner and I am ecstatic to be writing ACCESSORIES REPORT for CollegeFashionista this semester.  Before I came to Emory University, I attended high school in Tennessee.  Fashion was suppressed in the small town I lived in, and I knew that I wanted to be where people viewed clothing as more of an art form and means of expression.  The big city has always called my name, and that is often where I’d fantasize myself after marathons of Gossip Girl or Sex and the City.  So, after graduation, I left behind the small town vibe for the fast-paced Atlanta.  Atlanta is a great segue for anyone who dreams of living in one of the fashion capitals, such as New York, one day.

During freshman year in that small town, I received a subscription to Teen Vogue magazine.  It was during high school that I began to embrace my love for fashion despite the casualness of my classmates’ ensembles.  I would stay up on weekends indulging in articles from Teen Vogue and even the more mature Vogue.  Those nights I would often find myself picking and choosing from the models’ palettes to create outfits that were all my own that I would later translate in my wardrobe.

When it comes to my more deep-rooted inspiration, I would have to thank my Californian mother.  She has taught me through her attire that class never goes out of style.  This is something that I always try to implement in my outfits, as I often choose classic pieces rather than trendy ones for my day-to-day look.  When I do go for a statement accessory like black nail polish or an oversized beanie, I make sure the rest of my outfit it polished.  In my opinion, that is personal style—the perseverance of a trait in one’s day-to-day look.

Not only am I looking forward to the upcoming internship, but I am eagerly waiting for spring to break out into full bloom.  With spring semester comes the exchange of winter wear for feminine-fitted trousers and classic ballet flats that are perfect for both going out and arriving to class in style.  If one were to open up my closet, they would instantly see that it is devoid of heels and that flats rule the walk space.   They would also know that I have an affinity for clutches and statement sunglasses.  I believe that accessories truly make the outfit; the little details make art, well, art.  With that being said, I can’t wait to report on those little details that Emory students decide to don to class this semester!


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