STYLE GURU BIO: Shelleah Pedersen

Style Guru Bio

Ciao, fellow fashion-lovers! My name is Shelleah Pedersen. I’m a first-year Journalism student at Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic. My family is European and I was born there but grew up in the United States. My decision to study in Europe honestly happened spontaneously one morning when I woke up. I decided I wanted to do something dramatically different than what everyone I was friends with/went to high-school with did and that I should go back to my native land to experience my culture.

With that, I made the life-changing decision to pack up and move my life to Europe. Best decision ever. After I graduate from university, I aspire to become a travel journalist then a fashion magazine editor or TV host. I plan to live in Prague then Australia. I would say that my three passions in life are traveling, writing and fashion. When it comes to my passions or even just daily life in general, I live by this: “Dream big and dream crazy; never let anyone or anything stop you from fulfilling your dreams.”

As far as fashion goes, my “style” is ever-changing, meaning that it changes from day-to-day and I dress the way I feel on a certain day. Style is what you make it, never be afraid to experiment because you never know, it could be what everyone is wearing next season. Moving to a new country, with a climate I am NOT used to, made me realize how much I love fall/winter clothes. Of course, I love cute sun dresses/maxi dresses and fun shorts or skirts but I’m all about the jeans, wool coats, leather gloves, cute hats, faux fur, boots, booties, studded loafers and big, warm sweaters. I love just throwing on a pair of leggings with a big sweater and cute pair of boots; quick, easy, fashionable and comfy but I also like to dress myself up too. Think a thinner sweater under a faux fur vest or coat, colored or white jeans with a cute pair of booties or plain leather boots. Then to accessorize: a hat, my favorite black leather gloves, the season’s newest ‘it’ bag and a thick scarf. Who doesn’t love fall or winter when you can dress up with faux fur and booties?

I am beyond ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to be a Style Guru and most importantly, to start the Anglo-American University CollegeFashionista page, which is also the first CollegeFashionista page for all of the Czech Republic. It’ll be a great semester with winter and spring styles all being represented from the fashion-forward and fashion-loving students of Prague!


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