STYLE GURU BIO: Shelby Kostelecky

Style Guru Bio

I am Shelby Kostelecky, proud Cougar at Washington State University! I am double majoring in Apparel Merchandising and also Advertising. I am so excited to be the writer for the What to Wear column for my beautiful school! Here at Washington State University, many of us come from the epicenter of fashion in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle. Even though we reluctantly have to order the majority of our clothes online while we are at school due to the, might I say, lack of options here on the Palouse, us Cougars don’t let that hinder us from staying fashionable on and off campus.

It’s quite ironic that I am the one in the family that ended up writing about fashion. Growing up, I was always my dad’s “little boy” – sporting the legendary bowl cut until I was in the 3rd grade. Not only was my hair a hoot to look back on, but also the outfits my parents let me go our in public in. I have always been “Miss Independent,” according to my mom, who could never understand how I managed to come up with the most outrageous outfits. Whether I would be wearing each article of my clothing on the wrong part of my body, like sporting my Tweedy Bird underwear on my head as a hat or covering my body from head to toe in black dots trying to look like a dalmatian, I have never ceased to show my personality and creativity in what I’d wear.

My creativity during my younger years took a left turn as a result of being thrown into the world of competitive dance – full of glitter, sparkles and the spotlight. Much of my fashion inspiration comes from the atmosphere and costumes that I was surrounded by. The fabulous designer, Betsey Johnson, also grew up in the dance atmosphere, resulting in her designs to make a statement and stand out from the rest. Like Betsey Johnson, I am not afraid to show my personal style and to let my creativity free occasionally. I find myself pairing a lot of Betsey Johnson’s jewelry with my everyday outfits to add a little flare.

I am a firm believer that there are no mistakes in life – there are also no mistakes in fashion. Each person has their own individual style that is free to be expressed however they’d like. Although looking good is important to everyone, feeling good in how you look is the most important rule in fashion.

I believe there is beauty in everything – you just have to look. I am excited to show the rest of the College Fashionistas at my campus and all over what I see to be beauty!



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