STYLE GURU BIO: Sandra Nehme

Style Guru Bio

I’m that girl. Yes, the girl sitting in your lecture at 8:30 in the morning with the carefully applied red lipstick. That’s right, the very same girl you shake your head at when you see me walking through campus in my favourite dress on the coldest of days. I’m two rows ahead of you in lecture sifting through my favorite fashion blogs and I’m next to you in the library with magazines stacked between my textbooks. My pencil case is kate spade and a miniature Eiffel Tower dangles from my key-chain. I’m that girl, and it’s time I introduce myself.

I am Sandra Nehme and clothes make my heart go tha-thump. I am in my junior year at the University of Toronto studying under the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology while also pursuing a second major in Professional Writing. I like dressing in black, twirling in skirts and the way expression of style doubles as a declaration of character. The spectrum marked by the contrasts of French minimalist and Californian bohemian define the diverse nature of my growing daily style.

My studies in writing have taught me the importance of detail, which is a concept that I’ve since applied to style. I hold the belief that an outfit’s charm rests in these details, which will be further addressed in my weekly ACCESSORIES REPORT. Writing from the multicultural city of Toronto allows me to share with the CollegeFashionista community a world of inspiring and individualist fashion. Get ready for a coffee-filled, skirt-twirling semester.


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