STYLE GURU BIO: Samantha Sklar

Style Guru Bio

Meet me, Samantha Sklar. Most days, I just go by “Sam.” I am currently a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and I am pursuing majors in Strategic Communications, International Relations, Italian and Spanish.

As a native New Yorker growing up in the heart of one of America’s most diverse and innovative cities, I learned the ins and outs of a maze of never-ending skyscrapers at a relatively young age. I spent my days letting my bottomless curiosity take the reigns, steering me through every last nook and creek of Manhattan; from the narrow, stone-encrusted streets of the West Village, to the bustling tourist filled avenues of Midtown.

In the midst of adventure, I had developed a strong desire to record all that which I had seen, done, felt, and experienced: a need to scribble my deepest thoughts onto the nearest sheet of paper or café napkin, a need to mimic the graffitied walls of Soho in my sketch pad and a need to release my inner artist. It was a sensation of pure motivation: I was inspired. It was this Manhattan-sparked inspiration that empowered me to further express myself through various forms of art, one of which being fashion, forming the base of my individual style.

This individual style is the direct result of a compilation of that which I have come to know, not only as a New Yorker, but as a world traveler, voyaging through South America, Europe and the 50 states, as an artist, a student, a dreamer, a friend and a human-being. It combines chic with grunge, class with edge, feminism with masculinity and obscure and un-recognized with well-known, cookie-cutter brand names. I gives me the ability to portray that which makes me unique and original, just as it gives me the ability to take simple, ordinary pieces and make them into something special, creating my ideal mélange.

Alongside fashion and the arts, I enjoy rock climbing, bicycle riding, long boarding, traveling, learning new languages and of course, eating. Moreover, I enjoy playing guitar, piano, drums, and being a singer-songwriter, which has given me so many incredible opportunities and enabled me to meet so many of my life-long role models!

I am beyond thrilled to be a part of CollegeFashionista, which will allow me to explore and express my interest in fashion, art, and writing from a whole new perspective. I can’t wait to share and interact with you guys!


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