STYLE GURU BIO: Sadie Rose McLean

Style Guru Bio

I’m Sadie Rose McLean. I’m currently a confused, happy, “wow, you’re tall for a girl” sophomore at Loyola University Chicago. I am a Communications major and a Studio Art minor at Loyola because those things tend to capture a lot of my interests. There are a lot of things I enjoy in life and here are a few of them: my aggressive usage of emojis, Betsey Johnson dresses, neutrals, chewy Sweet Tarts, Stephanie Pana Photography, wearing heels and soaring over most males, being in love, getting snail mail and putting hats on my dogs.

I have always used fashion as an outlet for myself. Having a bad day is normal sometimes, but then you should wake up the next day and pick out an outfit and absolutely rock it. Guaranteed good day. People always asked me, “If you’re a girl and you’re almost six feet tall, why do you wear heels?” Because I love how they make me feel and height isn’t a thing to be wasted. Growing up, I always thought to myself how unlucky I was because I was taller than every boy in class. Not much has changed, but what I have learned is fashion is confidence. You can be four or seven feet tall, but when you walk in a room with something you love on yourself, chin up, big smile surrounded with stunning red lipstick, you will be noticed for all the right reasons. I always want to make people happy, comfortable and confident and being able to write for CollegeFashionista’s column What To Wear will let me do that and more every Thursday!

Zooey Deschanel said, “Style is a way of saying who you are without saying a word.” Because I love both this quote and how quirky Zooey Deschanel is, there is no better way to end my style guru bio and first post as a part of the amazing CollegeFashionista team.



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