STYLE GURU BIO: Rory J. Calhoun

Style Guru Bio

Fashion continues to be a dominant force in my life in every aspect. As a designer and second-semester junior at Indiana State, my time is often split between going to class, preparing to graduate in the spring of 2014 and designing for my fashion and accessory lines. It has also encouraged me to start a fashion magazine highlighting Fashionistas/os, fashion-related events and all around fashion culture.

As a returning Style Guru I look for many things when picking subjects to photograph for the CF website. I am a strong advocate of individuality and self-expression, so naturally I am immediately drawn to those who have very definitive and unique styles. Other factors that influence my decisions are color, style, silhouette, detail and the overall look of the Fashionisto. Though I’m covering only men’s fashion for CollegeFashionista, I constantly Tumblr on men and women’s fashion, art and pop culture.

I’m proud to be a returning Style Guru and highlight the stylish individuals on my campus. I’ve noticed that because it is relatively small in comparison to other schools we are commonly overlooked and mistaken as fashionably obsolete. By continuing forth as the only currently running Style Guru at ISU I say with great pride that I get the chance to single-handedly expose the unique, fresh and forward fashions of the Sycamores!


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