Style Guru Bio: Ronit Joselevitz

Style Guru Bio

Last semester, I was caught in a deluge of non-stop work—from seam ripping to sketching mini collections, I found myself awake at all hours of the night. I had no time to write on my personal blog, nor did I have time to be a part of CollegeFashionista. However, I have shifted my views on when I will graduate college, and have decided to take a victory lap (add an extra semester) in order to experience Austin at its greatest potential. And writing about Fashionistos at UT is included.

I started taking fashion design classes six years ago and have not stopped designing ever since. With what started with only design turned into a full throttle quest to explore every aspect of the fashion industry. While I love design, I have realized that there are several other facets of fashion that I love—including fashion show production, styling, visual display and journalism. This is one of the reasons why I not only major in Textiles and Apparel, but also Plan II, the liberal arts honors major at the University of Texas, and also a minor in Business. I am exposed to the intensity of the design world, and yet I also have the opportunity to focus on multiple subjects that enhance my creativity when designing.

Ultimately, I don’t know what I want to do upon graduating, but that is why I have three more years to decide and attempt new endeavors within the fashion industry. Currently I have interned with NYLON Mexico and next summer I want to shadow a fashion designer to see if it is truly the profession that I want to pursue.

I am ecstatic about writing for CollegeFashionista for another semester and I hope to find an abundance of Fashionistos throughout the UT campus. Perhaps I might have to stalk art and fashion students since I practically live in Gearing (where all fashion design classes are located).


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