STYLE GURU BIO: Ribicca Mamuye

Style Guru Bio

The way we dress is a deep personal expression of who we are and we assert a part of ourselves in each and every outfit we wear. Our style is a projection of our character, our values and ambitions, our individuality and conformity and our culture and beliefs. Fashion exemplifies the attitudes of an era; it enables us to examine the past to imagine the future. It shapes a generation and captures the most inspiring, captivating and directional moments in history.

My name is Ribicca Mamuye and I am a junior at the University of Washington pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a focus on Information Systems and Marketing. It’s my first semester as a part of CollegeFashionista. For the following months, I will be documenting and sharing what all the fashionable boys on my campus are rocking in the LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS column.

My interests include fashion, music and traveling, so it may come as no surprise that in my spare time I enjoy sharing segments of my fashion journey on my personal fashion blog Iamayssinia and telling the complete stories of the countries I travel to on my travel blog AbyssinianChronicles. I was born and raised in Africa where I grew up having to wear uniforms that discouraged self-expression (the fashion aspect of it). I moved to the United States six and a half years ago and throughout the past few years my wardrobe has changed dramatically. When it comes to my style, I am a lover of all things bold and eccentric. After all, I live in an area that crazes over a glimpse of sunlight so dressing up is a way I brighten up my cloudy days. As a child, I shrugged at the idea of being called the “Big-Haired girl,” however it has now become a signature part of my style and it is probably the most effortless statement piece I own. I incorporate a lot of prints and patterns in my wardrobe. My favorite way of accessorizing is through vibrant lipsticks. It is almost impossible for me to walk outside of my house without any lipstick on (unless of course it’s finals week).

I am thrilled to be a part of the Style Guru team and I am looking forward to keeping you up-to-date with the well-dressed Fashionistos with amazing ensembles on my campus.  I cannot wait to see what the semester has in store!


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