STYLE GURU BIO: Reed Emerson

Style Guru Bio

Hello Fashionistas/os, I’m Reed! I am so very excited to be returning to CollegeFashionista for the summer semester. I am a junior at Northern Arizona University and I am working toward a degree in strategic communications with a double emphasis in public relations and merchandising.

I have adored fashion for as long as I can remember. If it was up to me, I would eat, sleep and breath fashion 24/7. My favorite part about fashion is the growth it provides. I love to witness my style shape and develop into new identities as I gain new influences.

My personal style has always been all over the place, mostly a battle between channeling Blair Waldorf or embodying Serena van der Woodsen. Then again, they’re both great choices! That’s the fun thing about fashion: there are so many styles and you don’t have to choose just one. You can take on a whole new persona just by changing your outfit. Clothes empower you and make you feel strong, beautiful and free. A good outfit can brighten your day and make you feel like nothing can come in your way. How could I not love fashion?

I believe that being fashionable is all about the way you style your clothes. I have loved getting to know the girls I have interviewed in my Fashionista Spotlight reports and learning how they mold their ensemble into their own. I’m a huge sucker for a basic piece that can be dressed up with some statement jewelry or dressed down with a pair of fringe booties. It’s all just in the way you style it.

This summer is going to be absolutely fabulous! I can’t wait to scout out the perfect outfits for every occasion. It’s a great feat when you can style an ensemble just right for an event and I’m on the hunt for the Fashionistas/os that do just that! Keep an eye out for my articles every Thursday!


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