STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Stoczko

Style Guru Bio

Fashion is no longer just an industry; it is an empire. Fashion dictates nearly every choice modern style enthusiasts make throughout their day—what type of mood they will have, where they will go, how they will feel and ultimately who they will be in that given moment. Finding the time to pre-plan an outfit is next to impossible, especially when today’s standards require coordinated looks that express individuality, ingenuity and resourcefulness. I learned how to incorporate these components into my personal style after studying abroad in London, England last spring.

Living off of a small budget and remaining chic proved to be a new challenge. I pulled inspiration from the street style around me and reworked the clothing that I already had. I quickly fell in love with the bold and diverse trends that UK fashion mavens supplied. Fashion in England is represented through freedom of expression—loud colors and textures, artistic lines and shapes, vibrant prints. Quite often I would see mismatched pieces that wouldn’t normally go together, but somehow these fearless style innovators made them work. London opened my eyes to a whole new world of daring fashion. It was this environment that ultimately gave me the drive to pursue my love of fashion.

After returning to the US, I stumbled across a Teen Vogue video in which Amy Levin, founder of CollegeFashionista, shared her break through into the fashion world, one of her driving forces being her studying abroad experience in London. This video sparked my interest in the CollegeFashionista website and in becoming a Style Guru.

As Elizabethtown College’s first Style Guru, I will be writing weekly FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT articles that reflect current styles found around my college campus and share E-town trendsetters’ thoughts on today’s fashion.


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