Style Guru Bio: Rebecca Gibson

Style Guru Bio

Besides being an incurable shopaholic and devoted fashion mag junkie, I am currently a junior in my third semester as a Style Guru at Colgate University in upstate New York. I am majoring in Art and Art History with a Spanish minor. Outside of the fabulous world of fashion, my top interests include dance, photography, writing and chatting with my wonderful friends. Coming the eclectic city of Chicago, I was interested in what rural Hamilton would bring to the fashion scene around campus. To my delight, the difficult weather and small town atmosphere never prevents my fellow classmates from strutting their styles all around the university.

For me, fashion is much more than the superficial, purposeless interest that it is sometimes wrongly stereotyped as. It’s wearable art that expresses individuality and creativity. I have spent the past four months studying in Sevilla, Spain, and through my European travels have been lucky enough to learn about and appreciate fashion outside of the States. My personal style definitely does not fit into one category, since it is ever-evolving and a blend of a few different styles. I’m typically characterized as urban prep meets classic chic, though I am very open to trying out new styles and combinations. I’m a sucker for anything oversized—sunglasses, watches, sweaters, you name it—as well as skinny jeans (I must own about fifty pairs), tailored blazers and sky-high wedges. I cannot wait to start sporting my spring apparel on campus, incorporating my newly discovered European styles into my articles, and more importantly capturing all of the fantastic looks flaunted at Colgate this semester!


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