STYLE GURU BIO: Rebecca Brill

Style Guru Bio

I’m Rebecca Brill, a Style Guru at Wesleyan University, where I plan to major in English with a concentration in creative writing. I’m eager to merge my interests in fashion and writing for the first time. I grew up in Manhattan, and despite its haute couture reputation, I am most influenced by its colorful atmosphere and eclectic cast of characters. I garner inspiration from unsought sources, like the disheveled bohemian on the bus and the aging dandy in the bagel shop.

I became interested in fashion as a means of personal expression early on in high school. While writing has always served as my central creative outlet, I found I could use clothing to tell other stories. Getting dressed served as a way to externalize my ideas and spark conversations with peers about the pop culture icons that inspired my offbeat outfits. Some days I transformed into a teenage Phoebe Caulfield in saddle shoes and a red beret. Other times, I was Stevie Nicks wearing witchy boots and drapey velvet.

In college, I’m still trying on eccentric garb. I can be spotted working at a carrel with a garland of flowers atop my head. And my art history professor once interrupted her lecture on postmodernism to ask about the cat faces on my Mary Jane creepers.

But I’m certainly not the only one on campus experimenting with fashion. The dining hall is peppered with students making bold statements in everything from Eastern tunics to ironic tee shirts. On my way to class, I often stop to compliment my peers on their carefully crafted looks.

Being surrounded by people with diverse and interesting style has inspired me. And now, as a Style Guru, I’ll have to the opportunity to share with you the fashion highlights of my campus.


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