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Hello fellow Fashionistas/os. I’m Rachel Rudy—yes, just like Rudy from the ’90s movie. When I’m not doubling as an underdog football player, you can probably find me hiding behind my beautiful Canon Rebel camera, chugging down cup after cup of coffee (I’m beyond addicted), online shopping away my entire life’s saving or being a workout fiend. I am currently a sophomore at The Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!) where I am majoring in…well I’d like to know the answer to that also. What can I say? I’m a bit indecisive but it’s alright to be a little lost every once in awhile.

Trying to describe my style is virtually impossible, but if I had to make a valiant effort I would definitely go with organized chaos. You’re thinking, “Ummm what is this girl talking about?” Organized chaos is not fashion terminology whatsoever. Call me crazy but it sums me up perfectly. I’ll mix and match just about anything but I do it in such a way that I avoid looking tacky or cluttered. There are no distinct patterns in what I buy; there’s just about every design, color, trend and price level creating my extensive wardrobe. One day I could be rocking a baby blue striped Ralph Lauren button-down paired with my fave Express jeans (but seriously how comfortable are Express’ jeans? They’re like you’re wearing a heavenly cloud) and the next day I could be adorned in studded high-waisted shorts and my beautiful Steve Madden combat boots.  They’re two completely different looks but that’s the fun part; you can dress to be whoever you want be.

Although my style is constantly evolving, there’s a few essentials that seem to remain constant.  Look down at my wrists and hands at anytime and I promise you they are probably over-accessorized. My nails are always painted (come on, no one likes naked nails), I probably have on anywhere from two to eight rings and I definitely have on my gorgeous kate spade gold watch on one wrist and multiple Alex and Ani bangles on the other.

My style icon (and girl crush) is no other than the breathtaking Blake Lively.  Although she would probably be stunning without her keen fashion sense, her perfect balance of boundary-pushing, classic, modern and fun style is one for the books—not to mention that she doesn’t even use a stylist! It’s like she’s the only girl on the planet earth who has never managed to have an off-day or bad hair day. But, hey I’m sure I’d look that good too if I was 5’10″ with lanky model legs. Unfortunately, I’m still working on surpassing 5’3″.

This semester I am ecstatic to be hitting the streets of Columbus and keeping my eyes peeled for the most fashionable and unique Buckeyes.  So take a break from hitting the books and let me distract you from your voluminous workload with all the latest trends and styles taking over the collegiate world.


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