STYLE GURU BIO: Nicole Abou-Rjeili

Style Guru Bio

Hey Fashionistas!  My name is Nicole Abou-Rjeili and I’m so excited to be part of the Style Guru team!  I am a junior at New York University, majoring in politics and minoring in Middle Eastern studies.  I am studying abroad this semester in Abu Dhabi, where I will continue my studies of Arabic and Middle Eastern culture and society.  Although I am not directly studying fashion, it has always been an influence on my life and expressions.

I’ve always thought about fashion as an outlet.  Ever since I was little, I would play dress up with my mother’s heels and pearls. I was picking out my own outfits before the age of five. I would pick out my sister’s outfits every night, I made sure to coordinate everything from socks to pants to headbands. Fashion was part of my imagination and creativity. As I grew up, I started to see the world of fashion as more than just a cute outfit, it was something so much greater. Fashion is its own world, but at the same time connects everyone from all over.

Every month I fiddle through my new, fresh copy of Vogue, regarding the beautiful images of women, jewelry, photography and dress, which all fall under the great umbrella of fashion.  A fashion icon is more than just a pretty girl in a classy dress, it is someone who knows what she wants. A fashion icon has confidence, grace and ambition.  My style is influenced by all aspects of my life— my culture, New York City, my creative mother and my independent, decisive nature.  I hope that through my choices and style sense I can be seen as a fashion icon to another girl.


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