STYLE GURU BIO: Nicholas Butts

Style Guru Bio

My name is Nicholas Butts (yes, that is my last name), and I attend Columbia College Chicago where I study Marketing Communications and Fashion Business. I started my journey two years ago when I moved from Decatur, a small farm town in central Illinois to Chicago. I currently work at AllSaint Sptialfeilds, which is a UK brand that is growing here in the states. At work I’m known as “The Midwest Housewife Whisperer” for my ability to attract middle-age housewives and dress them in something they would not normally wear. I like to think I am the stylish son they never had. I believe even if you have three kids and a job you can still be trendy and chic, which is why I would consider this my hidden talent. When I am not at school or work I keep myself busy as a model scout for 10 MGMT. Working with clothes and models goes hand-in-hand with what I aspire to do once I’m done with college. I plan to move to Los Angeles or New York City to pursue a career in Fashion PR or Editorial Styling.

Growing up, I attended a Catholic school where I was forced to wear a uniform from kindergarten to senior year of high school. I always tired to be a little different when it came to my uniform by adding in a classic J.Crew cardigan and throwing out those awful Dennis uniform pants in exchange for some skinny fit chinos. My personal style is always evolving and I usually get inspiration from the interesting and whimsical people I surround myself with everyday. Since moving to Chicago, I have been in front of the camera as a model, but my true passion is behind the scenes.

Many of my inspirations growing up in a small town were the television show America’s Next Top Model and magazines such as Vogue and GQ. I was fascinated by the world of fashion and how you could take an ordinary person, play dress up with them and create a alter ego for them. Fashion is like a world of fantasy to me and I hope to never work a nine to five job sitting behind a desk. I want to live a life of fantasy, creativity and adventure, and this is why I chose to pursue a career in fashion. “I hope that you, too, will choose to have a journey instead of just a life. Actually, I hope it’s a full on expedition.” -Kelly Cutrone


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