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Howdy, y’all!  My name is Neha Sharma (pronounced “nayha”) and I’ll be reporting on the fabulous styles of the Fashionistas/os at Texas Christian University! I’m a senior studying photography and I absolutely love what I do.  Blogging, photography and shopping are three things I already do in my free time and I’m super stoked that now I get to learn more about them and put my skills to use for CollegeFashionista this semester!

As an art student, I constantly see a lot of fun, quirky people with a drive to stand out from the crowd. That is what really stands out to me. I love to see how other people dress up and dress down and that is actually where I find my fashion inspiration the most. If I see someone walking to class with a super cute patterned jacket on with a contrasting patterned shirt underneath, I make a mental note of it and see if I can recreate something similar to that.

I would definitely describe my personal style as “comfy chic.”  Comfort is a big deal to me since I am constantly on the move, working on photo projects and being a Resident Assistant in a freshman hall. On days that I’m not sporting my TCU purple T-shirts and shorts (go Frogs!), I like to dress up staple, basic pieces in my wardrobe to feel fashionable while remaining super comfortable.  Almost all my basic pieces come from my favorite stores, Forever 21 and Target, and lately, a lot of my clothes have been coming from Plato’s Closet, a second hand store that is right by campus.  I can go there on any given day and find a really cute, gently used, and formerly very expensive top or jacket for a fraction of the original cost! Hello, $10 Fossil jacket and $8 boots!

Up until recently, I’ve loved fashion, but never really considered myself to be a fashionable person. Since learning about CollegeFashionista a couple months ago and spending hours browsing through posts from all over the world, I’ve already started switching up what I wear to feel more confident in my own skin and feel like a blooming Fashionista! My advice: wake up 15 minutes earlier and put yourself together. Looking frumpy will make you feel frumpy. Spending an extra few minutes getting ready in the morning will give you a boost of self-confidence and make you walk to class with your head held a little higher and with some pep in your step.  It really does change your mood for the rest of the day!


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