STYLE GURU BIO: Natalie Johnson

Style Guru Bio

Hello all! After writing for FASHION FROM ABROAD overseas in London, I’m back on American soil! I couldn’t be more grateful for my year abroad—I learned new things about myself and rediscovered old interests. One of these old interests is my love of quotes! I’ve always been been fascinated by how someone can sum up such big topics, events and feelings into a short saying. I love keeping a journal of my favorite quotes and while I was traveling around Europe I became very invested in writing down absolutely every saying that inspired me. However, instead of searching Pinterest for new sayings, I started looking to those around me for inspirational life mottos. One of my favorite quotes from my year comes from my friend Mallory, “Have a good time, don’t be a good time.” This is something Mallory usually shouts as were leaving for a night out reminding us all that going out is not about British boys or how many pictures we post on Instagram, it’s about us having a good time together! However, I think Mallory’s wise words also apply to fashion. I truly believe that fashion is about having fun with your own style, not dressing to impress other people. Fashion is fun, and it’s all about you!

For example, while this outfit might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I absolutely adore it and think it expresses my bright and bubbly personality! I love wearing bold colors and wholeheartedly believe that rompers should be a staple in every wardrobe. In this outfit, I pair one of my favorite rompers from Nordstrom with a black cardigan and my signature Pour La Victoire heels. Then I accessorize the look with bold kate spade stud earrings, a J.Crew necklace and patent leather JPK Paris bag. This results in a look that is colorful, playful and totally me. This semester while I’m writing for the WHAT TO WEAR column, I’ll be talking about what looks work best for particular college occasions. However, I also want to stress that no matter the occasion, you should always be dressing in a way that’s fun and expressive for you. Have a good time with your style, and don’t try to dress for anyone other than yourself. Individuality is the essence of fashion.


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