STYLE GURU BIO: Morgan Rosenberg

Style Guru Bio

Hello fashion lovers, novices and savants! I am so excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista this semester and to be providing you with inspiration on what to wear in all aspects of Mount Holyoke life, from the gym to a party or to a meeting with your professor.

We can all admit that the all women’s college environment does not motivate many of us to put a lot of effort into our ensembles. Heck, we’ve all been seen walking around campus in our sweatpants! I’m hoping, however, that by introducing you to fun and new ways to play with clothes, we will all become a little more excited to spend extra time getting dolled up.

Fashion is an important part of my everyday life. Having a dress code in high school taught me the importance of looking put together and professional at all times. I truly believe that you can never predict what the day will bring; therefore, you always need to put your best shoes forward!

I love wearing dresses and skirts because not only do I feel professional, but I feel cute and playful as well. Now that it is cold and we have the worst of the New England winter still ahead of us, I always pair my skirts and dresses with fun tights and a hot pair of boots. For warmer days, I wear a pair of knee-high socks, which also adds an extra pop of color and gives my look an overall finished appearance.

A lot of my inspiration comes from characters in the television shows that I watch, like Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City and Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf. I love how they both have unique styles that highlight their fearless personalities. I love buying elaborate headbands to keep up with Blair and, like Carrie, I have one gold monogram necklace that I wear nearly everyday. This is a classic, simple piece that I can wear easily with just about everything (unless I am wearing something that doesn’t need a necklace or that needs a statement piece).

Although I have lately been looking for more structured dresses with unique cutouts and necklines, a signature style to my look is flowy. I love brands like Free People and alice + olivia because they have intricate beading details or feature beautiful patterns that enhance the light, airy shapes. My go-to destinations for shopping include Anthropologie, Nordstrom and ASOS. I am also obsessed with the Target designer lines and I cannot wait for Prabal Gurung to release his new affordable collection in stores. Don’t expect to find me on campus on February 10th because I guarantee I will be shopping!

As my favorite fashion lady Carrie Bradshaw said, “Playing dress-up starts at five and never truly ends.” So let’s break out our childhood imaginations and create interesting ways to piece together outfits because I’ll be around campus looking for Fashionistas to feature in my articles!


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