STYLE GURU BIO: Molly Snyder

Style Guru Bio

All good things have to come to an end. Is it the end or is it the beginning of something new? This may be my last semester as an undergraduate art history student and the last semester I’m able to represent my fellow fashionable students as Mason’s Style Guru. But it’s not the end; it’s only the beginning of new great things to come. Like fashion, life constantly changes presenting new opportunities. What better way to represent your ever evolving self than through fashion?

Throughout the past four years I’ve matured not only in my studies but also in my undying love for all things fashion including my bulging closet. Realizing the real world is approaching absurdly fast, I’ve classed up and matured my wardrobe. Though I do love to re-purpose my Granny’s sweaters, they do not scream full-blown old lady with Frosty the Snowman stitched to the front. It’s more Stella McCartney meets Holly Golightly, thanks Santa for the classic DVD inspiration.

Landing my upcoming internship at DC’s Kreeger Museum has entered my fashion consciousness. Just like fashion played an influential role in mid 19th century Paris, as depicted by the Museum’s Impressionist artists like Monet and Degas, fashion plays an influential role in both the professional and art world. After all, fashion is art isn’t it? The upcoming exhibit at the Met, Impressionism and Fashion, would agree. Designers channeling Baroque and minimalism à la Mondrian as seen by the likes of Céline would argue they go hand in hand as well. We’re all guilty of scoping out the fashionable lady on the metro or lusting over the artistic Dolce & Gabbana advertisement in Elle spotted in line at the grocery store. Fashion and art surround us on a daily basis so we may as well partake in the delightfully guilty pleasures.

Though my art history education is about to come to an end, my future has only just begun and fashion will be my partner in crime to present myself to this big bad world. Upon entering a mid-mid-life crisis, hence the ombré hair, I know fashion and art will be here to stay. I vow to represent its dominance on George Mason University’s campus as one of the fabulous Style Gurus for the spring semester.


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