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Compiling this outfit was a bit of fizzle. It made me scavenge my wardrobe, try on multiple options and saying to myself multiple times “I have nothing to wear!” But finally, I came up with this ensemble, which is appropriate for winter and visually explains my usual personal style without speaking: colourful, patterned and girly. However, I do need to speak (out loud) to properly introduce myself! So, hi! My name is Mel, and it is lovely to meet you.

I have been a part of the CollegeFashionista for a year now, and I still love it. Melbourne has a diverse lifestyle and culture, which never cease to amaze me. Continuing to style stalk in Melbourne is making me realize how influential my hometown is upon other people’s style: minimal black, crazy colourful or anything in between.

Ironically, I also met one of my best friends on the street, fellow RMIT Style Guru Jess. To say the least, the internship has been more worthwhile! We both style scout together, love Japanese food, cupcakes, tea, the Glee boys and, of course, wearing flower crowns. We also both adore dressing on opposite sides of the spectrum: very girly-girl like to strictly minimal. Sometimes I feel like I have a twin.

This fall, I will be writing again for WHAT TO WEAR. I have also realized this my fourth STYLE GURU BIO, which in fact is hard to write because I have already mentioned so much! On that note: I am still figuring out my career, I love to sing, I’m taking knitting as an elective, Alice McCall is my new favourite Australian designer, and I am an Instagram addict. You also can follow my adventures on my blog, Loko and Cle. Can’t wait to scout for more trendy ladies and gents!


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