STYLE GURU BIO: Meli Andrade

Style Guru Bio

My name is Meli and I am incredibly excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista this term. I live in Canada and am a senior at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario. I’m double majoring in Social Justice and Communications, Media and Film.

So what can I tell you about me? Well, I have always had a passion for expressing myself in different and creative ways. I love to sing, write, photograph—basically anything that lets me show off bits of my artistic side. Fashion is just one of the many ways in which I am able to do just that.

When I was in high school, we had a strict uniform policy in place. I’m talking plaid knee-length skirts, high socks, baggy sweater vests and dreadful orthopedic-looking shoes. Of course, me being, as teachers liked to say, “rebellious,” I was always the one getting busted for rolling up my sleeves, and decking out my skirt with chains, pins and little knick knacks. But I wasn’t a rebel. What my teachers didn’t know was that I was merely a Fashionista in the making, taking artistic license with our school uniform, exhibiting my individuality through oversized pieces of fabric they called “clothes” and exercising my freedom of expression as outlined in our Constitution.

I’ve spent the last four years away at college and boy has it been quite the ride. My style and fashion has definitely evolved since I started off as a freshman, but even now, I have trouble labeling myself or categorizing my look. I always think my outfits depend on my mood, and what’s inspired me. I can go from a completely sophisticated appearance including pencil skirts, blazers, and button down shirts one week, to a much edgier, leather-wearing, time-to-shave-my-head-again look the next (and yes, I’ve done that too). This week I was totally influenced by Sex and The City’s Kim Catrall. I watched the movie (for probably the 100th time) and I’ve always loved Samantha’s style the most. Here, I’m wearing my love dress from SIRENS and one of my favorite jackets that is from H&M. I also love a classic red heel or pump. ALDO always has some great options.

Be sure to check back every week, as I will be scouring my campus to bring you the hottest looks this season and spotlighting fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos!


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