STYLE GURU BIO: Maya Jimenez

Style Guru Bio

If there is anything I’ve learned from CollegeFashionista, it’s that you can’t count on others to make decisions for you. Sure, you can spend hours on end perusing fashion blogs and gawking at how awesome other people look, wishing you looked like them. You can imagine a life where your wardrobe has no budget limits and you constantly look like a celebrity.

However, through no process of osmosis or a miracle will you suddenly find yourself taking those risks you’ve always wanted to take. You won’t realize that you don’t need a big wallet to look awesome all the time and that, in fact, you probably already look awesome on any given day. You have to push yourself to be truly outstanding and that push is what will set you apart from everybody else.

My name is Maya and this is my fourth (and sadly last) semester writing for CollegeFashionista. Over the past year, I’ve enjoyed spotting students here and there and photographing them for the site. I started writing the FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT column last spring and enjoyed asking BU students several questions about their fashion icons, inspirations and favorite places to shop. In the summer, I interned in New York and continued writing the spotlight column. I was able to talk to a variety of students from around the U.S. and the world, learning a lot about New York fashion. This past fall, I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and wrote the FASHION FROM ABROAD column. I met Spanish students and was introduced to the ever-changing European fashion world.

Now, I find myself caught in what feels like a mid-life crisis. Unsure of how to handle my impending graduation date, I check Facebook more than usual and read a lot of articles in The New Yorker. I’ve dusted off my StumbleUpon account and I finished a book in two days last week. I refuse to accept the fact that my college experience is over and even worse, that I have to start looking for jobs. CollegeFashionista is giving me an opportunity to work on something that’s really important to me and build my photography portfolio, which will hopefully come in handy when I’m ready to stop avoiding the unavoidable.

I find fashion to be one of the most interesting forms of self-expression. You can either explicitly tell everyone who you are and what you think, or you can subtly slip through the cracks and go by unnoticed while still making a pretty solid statement. That’s the beauty of it: you can choose how much of yourself you want to expose to the world. I enjoy speaking my mind, however and whenever I can. I’d say that on a good day, my fashion expresses exactly who I am: someone who loves to laugh and make others laugh, a music lover, a sucker for tearjerkers and a left-leaning liberal at heart. After 21 years, I can’t really say there’s anything I’d change about all that.


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