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Take notes, Fashionistas/os! Though my course schedule says otherwise, I’m about to be schooled in international fashion, and I’m giving you a hall pass to join me. This semester, I will be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain—the land of Zara, Penélope Cruz and zany designer Custo Dalmau.

You know the stereotypes. Donned in bohemian maxi dresses, feisty flamenco garbs or barely-there bikinis, Spanish women let their tousled tresses hang loose over sun-kissed skin and sultry confidence. The suave men with slicked back hair and furrowed brows are adorned with solid button-down shirts (with a few buttons open, of course). These textbook examples may be the most common images that come to mind when thinking of Spanish style, but I want to present you with a different definition. Barcelona, like much of Europe, is a melting pot of trends and trend-setters breaking the rules. There is a much more complex and diverse style yet to be discovered.

I can’t wait to go overseas to observe the crowds of people that roam the cobblestone streets and sand-trodden sidewalks of Spain’s fashion capital. Once I do, this student will become your teacher.

Are the school parallels getting cheesy yet? Bear with me; there’s more.

This spring is going to be my second semester as a Style Guru for College Fashionista. It was an incredible learning experience writing for the FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT at my home school in Gainesville, Florida, in the fall. I witnessed my peers cleverly piecing together simple garments into eye-catching ensembles and some daring students debuting unique duds. But I still have more lessons to learn. Now that I am writing for FASHION ABROAD, differences in weather, lifestyle and ambiance are new factors to consider, as well as the region’s cultural influences.

One last corny school reference (I promise): Whether I am on the university campus or out and about, my mission for the semester is to grade this city’s fashion. I have a feeling they’ll make the Dean’s List.

Hasta luego, mis Fashionistas/os.


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