STYLE GURU BIO: Margaret Harney

Style Guru Bio

There’s a moment in the 1954 version of Sabrina when Audrey Hepburn’s character spins like a ballerina on an empty tennis court, where she awaits her love in the shadows with glass chutes and sparkling bottles of bubbly. I’ve been watching that scene since I was born, but I was five when I first realized that the black embroidered white ball gown by Givenchy she was wearing wasn’t just a dress; it was a vision. I’m pretty sure I rushed around the house in a mad dash for a black Sharpie and a white sheet, vainly hoping to makeshift my own stunning strapless column dress complete with a detachable train.  But there was no recreating a Givenchy masterpiece or the effortless chic of my favorite actress with linens and a marker (even for a hardened homemade dress-up veteran such as myself).

Since that moment I’ve been a costume trunk digger, face painter, inexperienced milliner, wedge sneaker collector, magazine cutter-outter and many equally play-like terms in attempts to capture the style moments that change your life: a pink satin necktie on a Sunday morning in the park, a brocade velvet riding jacket from 1900s with jeans, a no-hands lace mask on a New Year’s Eve for mystery and maybe just a little mayhem. I’ve been most of all an experimenter. Much to my dismay, many outfits (and certainly hairstyles) I wouldn’t own up to if you asked me point-blank. Regardless, I’m pretty sure no one has played as many characters as me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. One day, the fact that I own a pair of pants that belong in a Tim Burton dream world will come in handy. I just know it.

From Girl with the Dragon Tattoo inspired metal, to cowboy ensembles Taylor Swift would be envious of, I have been following the style moments of the Athens crowd for two semesters, catching up with the roles they play through their wardrobes and learning the secrets to being your stylish self. And as always, it’s a steep learning curve of mashing on-trend looks with personal spunk, but I’m excited to continue my education with people who know exactly the same thing I do: fashion isn’t really about labels and elitism, it’s about being able to get people to see past legs and lips to something even better, the person you are inside.


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